5 Practical Benefits of Using A Yoga Wheel For Stretching

As the practice of Yoga Grows in popularity the very nature of this healthy exercise and lifestyle has been adjusted to the needs of the practitioners. One of the latest yoga accessories that can help novice and experienced yoga practitioners get more from their Yoga routines is the Yoga Wheel.

Following are some of the ways that a Yoga Wheel can be a benefit to your healthy modern lifestyle:

  1. Safely Perform More Challenging Asanas

Yoga poses, or asanas, can be very easy and relaxing, or very complex and physically demanding. Working your way to the capacity to perform more complex postures involves perfecting your physical conditions. Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner, or a newbie, you can gain the confidence and physical condition to perform a more difficult pose with the support of a yoga wheel. Check out SFweekly.com to see their top rated yoga wheel of 2020.

Furthermore, the wheel can provide support while you are learning the techniques, this could protect you from pulling or spraining something while executing a backbend for the first time, for example.

  1. Personalize Your Practice

One thing we have come to love about the yoga practice is that it can be practiced by just about anyone and has the same laundry list of benefits. But, this doesn’t mean everyone experiences the practice in the same way. There will be poses that are naturally easier or harder for some people.

A Yoga wheel will allow you to add some level of adjustment to each asana you perform. A beginner could use this to provide training wheels as they master some of the harder poses. For an experienced yogi, this could be a way to adjust the dynamics of their poses to increase tension and effort from specific muscles, especially the core.

  1. Encourages Core Strength

A strong core is vital to yoga practice. Yoga requires that each execution comes from the core muscles and this is also crucial to protecting the spine and lower back while you do each exercise. Once core work has produced a strong set of muscles, these poses will be easy to execute and maintain.

Until that time, a yoga wheel can provide that essential balance that allows the practitioner to maintain their form long enough to produce the desired results. As time goes by the yoga wheel can be used to create greater dynamic tension between core muscles and enhance the results of your routine even further.

  1. Improves Confidence

Not all of us were born with those lithe and graceful body types that effortlessly float through all physical activity, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get pretty close. On the way to a more physically fit and limber body, it can take some time and concerted effort to build up the confidence to fully engage in back bends and a many other feats of balance.

Having an all-purpose support to boost you through the first few weeks and months of practice can make all the difference to your on-going progress.

  1. Release Back Tension and Spinal Decompression

Back pain is a common problem and comes from work and daily exertion that tends to pull the body forward over and can lead to back strains. One thing you can do to provide an unbelievable relief to a strained back is to fully extend the back and shoulders backwards. This can also help to relieve pressure on the spine when done slowly, repeatedly and carefully.

Some will attempt this position on a pillow, rolled up towel or blanket or perhaps the arm of the sofa. None of these are very effective at flexing and stretching the back muscles to the point of full relaxation, some could even cause an injury. But, the yoga wheel is stable and strong and can roll the back perfectly and easily from the shoulders to the lumbar region.

Do this a couple times before bed and you are sure to wake refreshed and relaxed.